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Unicorn Soap


Our youngest daughter's favorite ~ a unicorn! This precious soap is shown in white, but can be made in custom colors by request. Unicorn soap is not scented. Each one measures approx. 2.5" wide x 3" tall x 1/2" thick. Click on DETAILS to see that if you order more than 1 unicorn soap, some will face left and some will face right ... see picture :)
Price: $2.00

Whale shaped soap


Precious whale soaps that are just perfect for baby showers! Each whale measures approx. 3.75" long from head to tail and 2" tall from top to bottom. These soaps are not scented so they are safe for kids if you'd like to purchase them just for fun for bath time :)
Price: $1.50

Zebra Soap


Zebra soap has handpainted detail on the front and eyes ~ measures about 1" x 1" at the base, 1.5" from nose to tail, and about 2.75" tall.
Price: $1.75

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