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Tub Of Fun

SoapShapes.com ~ where you'll find Handmade Soaps from "simple" to "simply amazing"! We have decorative soaps for your Kitchen and Bath, complimentary sized soaps for your Guests, Gourmet soaps for Home, fun soaps for Kids, Wedding, Novelty soap favors that make perfect Party Favors and much, much more!

So sit back, relax, and let us know
what we can make for you!
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Our Mission is to provide our customers the very best selection of Soap Shaped Products, at great prices and with the best possible customer service. Soap favors are truly our specialty. We have spent years designing an amazing collection of Unique Soaps and Personalized Party Favors that will give your guests gifts to remember on your Special Day. So remember when choosing Party Favors for your next event, we have the shaped soap favors you're looking for.

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